U.S. President’s Day Worksheets Activity

Free Presidents Worksheets for kids.  Find out more about our American Presidents with these three printable worksheets for President's Day.  Printout at KidsWebs.com.  Presidents Day Activities for Kids

Three President’s Day Worksheets that are a good to use for any lesson plans about our U.S. Presidents.? Celebrated each year on the third Monday in February, President’s Day is a National holiday. Children can be creative when working on the Presidential Fact Finder, Presidential Firsts and Presidential Scavenger Hunt. A visit to the library can help to look up the information needed to fill out the worksheets or several internet sites including Kids.gov and USA4Kids.com.


  • Printer paper
  • Presidential Fact Finder
  • Presidential Firsts
  • Presidential Scavenger Hunt


  1. Print out the Presidential Fact Finder, Presidential Firsts or the Presidential Scavenger Hunt for your classroom. Print as many copies as needed.
  2. Children can research the questions using a computer or library reference books.
  3. For the Presidential Fact Finder, assign a different president to each student.


  • Use the Presidential Fact Finder for Election Day to find out about our new elected President.

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. Use these cross-curricular printables, lessons, and references to teach your class about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln – two U.S. presidents born in February. Games, crossword puzzles, and art activities will keep students of all ages interested in politics and government. Explore the biographies below to learn about the life and politics of each president. Then, use quizzes to assess students' knowledge of U.S. history.

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