Top 10 pumpkin ideas for halloween 2016


Glittered Pumpkin Table Decorations

Who said the glow had to be inside the pumpkin? Bring a little sparkle to your Halloween spread with these easy glittered gourds.


Mini Pumpkin Creatures

This fall, get small: These miniature pumpkins will make dainty, cute jack-o'-lanterns perfect for kids.


Pumpkin Cats

These are no scaredy cats! Carve a litter of these pumpkin felines for a purrfect display.



Chalk Paint Pumpkins

Officially over the orange-and-black color scheme of the holiday? Chalk paint gives these pumpkins a smooth matte finish in unexpectedly soft hues.


Flying Place Cards

Don't "wing" your seating arrangement! Guests will have no trouble finding their spots at the table with these tiny pumpkin place cards. 


Pumpkin Owls

Whooooooo's ready for Halloween? These plump little pumpkins are!



Mini Witch and Cat Pumpkins

Though they be small, these be-"witching" pumpkins be fierce. 


Tragic Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins

A fallen dessert is a tragedy, but a clever twist on classic Halloween pumpkins is a huge success.


Fanged Pumpkins

They don't bark, but we can't promise they don't bite!

top 10 halloween pumpkin ideasGourd Family pumpkins idea

It's all in the family: Assemble these adorable pumpkin figurines this October — no need for a family photo this year!

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