Star Bookmark Activity

Easy to make, Star Bookmark using fun foam and ribbon template at

This is a super easy project for a large group of children – a scouting group or classroom. The Star Bookmark is very inexpensive to make and can even be used as an activity for Party Themes including Space and Harry Potter.


  • Fun foam – gold or yellow and black (or any color combination that you choose)
  • Paper fastener (brad)
  • 12″ grosgrain ribbon about 1″ wide (black works well) or gift wrap ribbon (which is what I used here)
  • Fray check or clear nail polish
  • Scissors
  • Star Template


  1. Print out the star template. Each page will have 3 large stars and 3 smaller stars.
  2. Cut one smaller star out of yellow or black fun foam.
  3. Cut a slightly larger star out of the other color of fun foam.
  4. Lightly finish the loose ends of the ribbon with clear nail polish or fray check.
  5. Fold each of the stars in half and cut a very small snip (about 1/4 inch) in the center.
  6. Cut a small slit in the ribbon, about 1/2 inch down from one end.
  7. Matching the holes, assemble the bookmark: smaller star > ribbon > larger star.
  8. Insert the paper fastener through the holes, fastening behind the larger star.


  • This is a great gift idea for Father’s Day or Grandparents Day.
  • By using a red, white and blue combination, you’ve got the perfect bookmark for a July 4th Patriotic theme.
  • This is an easy craft (or even party favor) for a Harry Potter Birthday Themed Party.

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