Spoon Egg Easter Basket Activity

How Cute! Use plastic spoons as an easy way to make Easter Eggs for a holiday Easter Basket decoration.  Instructions at kidswebs.com

An easy way for younger children to make an Easter Basket craft. Different colors of plastic spoons can be decorated as Easter Eggs with puff paints and markers.

Cost for this craft is around .15 per decoration. This is a great way to use up odds and ends. If doing this for a large group, ask children to bring in a few plastic spoons from home this way you might be able to gather a variety of colors. Different colored spoons can also be purchased at a local dollar store.


  • Colorful plastic spoons
  • Small paper plate
  • Brown pipe cleaner
  • Easter grass
  • Puffy or fabric paint
  • Brown paper lunch bag or brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Three spoons are used for each basket. With scissors, cut off about an inch off of each plastic spoon handle. ** For younger children, this step should be done by an adult.
  2. Open up and flatten out a brown paper bag. Trace the small paper plate onto the brown paper bag.
  3. Cut out the circle from brown paper bag, fold in half, cut along the folded line. Only 1/2 of the circle is needed for each basket.
  4. Take Easter Grass and cut into shorter pieces.
  5. First glue the plastic spoons to the paper plate with the rounded side facing out.
  6. Glue the Easter grass around the spoon handles, up to the base of the spoon.
  7. Place a line of glue around the rounded part of the half circle of the brown paper bag and attach to the paper plate, covering the handles of the spoons.
  8. Glue down the pipe cleaner over the exposed, top portion of the paper plate to make a basket handle. **If you have trouble gluing down the pipe cleaner, clip the pipe cleaner in place with large metal paperclips or clothes pins until it is dry.
  9. Paint designs on the rounded spoon tops to make decorative Easter eggs.

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