Puzzle Piece Wreath Activity

Puzzle Piece Wreath, holiday decoration for kids to make at kidswebs.com

An easy and inexpensive holiday decoration for kids to make, using green and red puzzle pieces for a Christmas wreath. Add a magnet to the back to decorate the refrigerator or add a photo and turn it into a picture frame. By using cardboard for the backing, the puzzle piece wreath can also be crafted for a Christmas tree ornament. For the above example, I found a great little puzzle at the Dollar Tree that contained over 500 pieces. This little wreath takes only about 10 – 20 puzzle pieces to make. The puzzle that I used had a forest background with a red barn – perfect colors for a Christmas wreath. It is best to print the circle template on green card-stock paper, that way younger children don’t have to be quite as careful to cover up all the paper and it still shows a nice green circle. If you are using the wreath as a frame or ornament, you may want to add a little extra support and attach the wreath to some light-weight cardboard.

If you need to paint puzzle pieces red and green, paint the back side of the puzzle piece. The flat, cardboard surface will be easier to paint than the front, slick side.

Cost for this craft is around .05 per wreath. Other than the paper and glue costs, an inexpensive puzzle should run around $1 and can make approximately 20 holiday wreaths.


  • Puzzle pieces – try to select a puzzle that contains lots of green pieces along with a few red pieces.
  • Red and green paint – if needed
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Holiday ribbon – about 4″
  • Printer paper or card-stock paper
  • Lightweight cardboard – if needed
  • 4″ circle template (prints 2 per page) or 3″ circle template (prints 6 per page)


  1. Print out the 4″ circle or 3″ circle or use your own circle shape for the wreath. Whatever circle size you choose, the border should be around 1/2″ wide to allow enough space to glue the puzzle pieces.
  2. Make a cut into the circle to cut out the center of the circle. Once cut out, use a piece of tape to reattach. For the above example, I used green card-stock paper.
  3. Place dots of glue around the border and attach the puzzle pieces. Pieces can be single layer of stacked for a more dimensional look.


Create a Holiday Puzzle Piece Picture Frame for children to make as a gift for family.

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