Printable Valentine Banner Activity

Create a custom Printable Valentine Banner for kids from  Free printable where you can select the banner shape and add any letters or numbers.

This is a simple decorating project for Valentine’s Day. For this printable Valentine Banner, I used white paper with the pink triangle hearts design and then pink paper with the black triangle hearts design. You can select any letters and fonts that you choose to make your own custom Valentine Banner from the Custom Banners Page.


  1. Go to the Custom Banners Page and follow the online instructions for each banner letter that you want. If you are unsure what font to use, select one, press the submit button and preview it online. If you don’t like the font, colors or design, just press the back key and start over.
  2. Select the Heart Stencil if you would like to include any hearts in your banner.
  3. String together with decorative ribbon.


For a more colorful banner, select the larger banner stencil.? Trace this onto colorful paper or pretty wrapping paper and place one behind each of the custom banner letters.? This will give you an additional decorative border.

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