Paper Plate Maracas Activity

Colorful and inexpensive Cinco de Mayo craft for kids, paper plate maracas find the directions at #cincodemayo

Maracas are musical instruments often played at Mexican celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo. Create Paper Plate Maracas as an inexpensive activity for kids to celebrate the Mexican holiday. Also shown here is the water bottle maracas craft for kids.

Only pennies to make! This is a very inexpensive Cinco de Mayo craft for kids.


  • Scissors
  • Paper plate – small
  • Markers, crayons, or paints
  • Ribbon – red, green, white
  • Clear Tape or Stapler
  • Rice or Dry Beans


  1. Decorate the back side of a small paper plate with markers, crayons or paint. Use red and green, the colors of the Mexican Flag.
  2. Next, fold your plate in half so that the decorated side is on the outside.
  3. Tape colorful ribbon to the inside of the plate on one side, near the fold. Be sure most of the ribbon hangs free.
  4. Starting at the end where the ribbon was attached, use clear tape to tape the two outside edges of the plate together, leaving a small 2 inch opening at one end. For older children it is ok to use a stapler around the edge of the plate, though the tape also works better with the rice as it seals the maraca more completely.
  5. Pour rice or beans into opening filling about 1/4 of the space.
  6. Use clear tape or a stapler to seal the rest of the maraca..

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