Paper Plate Bat Activity

Easy Halloween crafts for kids.  Paper Plate Bat uses only one paper plate in any size and is a cute classroom craft for Halloween.  More holiday crafts at

Bats are always a Halloween favorite craft.? Make several of these bats to hang from the ceiling – position the wings at different angles for flying, paper plate bats.? Inexpensive and easy to assemble bats made from a paper plate.? For this example, I used a small 6″ white plate and painted it black.


  • White paper plate – any size.? Use either black or a plate that can be painted
  • 2 gold or silver brads (paper fasteners)
  • 2-white paper hole protectors
  • Black paint
  • Silver glitter glue (optional)

Use any size paper plate to create a Halloween Bat.  Instructions at


  1. Cut out the center portion of the paper plate for the bat’s body, notching out the outer rim of the plate for the ears and bottom.
  2. Paint the bat body and wings black and allow to dry unless you are using a black paper plate.
  3. Punch or poke holes for the bats eyes and matching holes on the edge of the wings.
  4. Place the 2 white hole protectors around the holes for the eyes.
  5. Place the 2 brads through the holes, then through the wings.
  6. Decorate the bat with the glitter glue.

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