Halloween Candy Cups Activity

Easy Halloween Crafts for kids.  Children can decorate solo cups with a Halloween character.  Halloween printable includes cup insert from Activities For Kids.

Great treat idea for a classroom Halloween party. Use different colors of paper for Halloween characters. ?Blue for Dracula, Orange for a pumpkin, Green for?Frankenstein?and Purple for a monster face. ?Children can be creative using markers to draw the faces. ?In addition to a black marker, I also used a white-out pen. ?This template fits with most clear solo brand cups.


  • 2 Solo Brand 9oz clear plastic cups for each candy cup
  • pencil
  • Black marker
  • White-out pen
  • Scissors
  • Printer paper – white or different colors if available
  • Construction paper – if not using colored?printer paper
  • Cup insert template
  • Candy and treats to include in the cups

Halloween Crafts for kids.  Decorated solo cups for Halloween at kidswebs.com


  1. Print out the Cup insert template and cut it out. If you are not using colored printer paper, trace the template onto construction paper in the color of your choice and cut it out. ?You do not need the circle that is included, unless you wish to make a top for the cup.
  2. Draw a face on the paper somewhere near the center (as shown.) It is best to first draw with a pencil then trace with a marker.
  3. Place the paper into one of the Solo plastic cups.
  4. Insert a second Solo cup into the first so that the paper is in between the two cups.
  5. Fill the cup with Halloween goodies.


To make the cups more secure, put a dot of glue (glue gun works best) into the bottom of the first cup so that the cups stay together. ?A piece of scotch tape can also be used to hold the paper in place.


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