Father’s Day Tie Card Activity

Father's Day Tie Card printable.  Print out the card then attach colorful paper for the tie.  Easy kids craft for Father's Day. #fathersday

Here is an easy card for kids to make for their dad this Father’s Day. The Father’s Day Tie Card prints out on one sheet of paper and includes the printout of the card itself and the template for the tie that is glued in place. Use colorful construction paper, printed wrapping paper for the tie. Another option is to print out on different colors of printer paper and let the children mix and match the tie card shirt with a different color for the tie.

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  • Father’s Day Tie Card printout
  • White or pastel colored printer paper
  • Small Buttons – optional
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Crayons and/or markers
  • Colorful wrapping paper – optional


  1. Select the Father’s Day Card to print using white or pastel color
    printer paper.
  2. Cut out the two pieces of the printout, the shirt / card part and the tie.
  3. Trace the tie (and collar) on colorful wrapping paper. I used paper decorated with stamps. Striped paper also works really well for the tie.
  4. Glue the pointed collar portion of the tie to the collar part of the card – the front of the decorative paper will be glued to the back of the collar.
  5. Fold on the dotted line – Happy Father’s Day should appear under the tie.
  6. Optional – Glue small buttons onto the collar lapels.

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