Coffee Filter Sunflowers Activity

Coffee Filter Sunflowers for suncatchers or to decorate for the Fall.

This is an easy Fall craft for kids of all ages and skill levels to make, coffee filter sunflowers. Tape to a window for a sun-catcher effect, attach a magnet for the refrigerator. Decorate the classroom bulletin board. These bright sunflowers take no time at all to create and for just pennies each, you and your kids can make a full bouquet of bright sunflowers.


  • 2 – White coffee filters
  • Craft glue
  • Yellow and red food coloring
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle with water or vinegar
  • Brown paper bag, felt, construction paper… For this example, I used brown rubber shelf liner for the flower centers.

Coffee Filter Sunflowers for sun-catchers or to decorate for the Fall.


  • Fold the coffee filter in 1/8’s – which is half, then half again (1/4) the half again (1/8). This is a good math lesson for older children that are learning about fractions.
  • With scissors, trim the loose ends of the coffee filter so that you have what would look like a diamond shape.
  • Put several drops of yellow food color in a one small cup or bowl.
  • In a different container, combine one drop of yellow and one drop of red food color. Explain to your child how the primary colors of red and yellow will create the secondary color of orange.
  • Keeping the coffee filter folded, place the cut edge into the yellow food color and let it absorb a good bit of the dye.
  • Place the folded part of the coffee filter (the center section) into the red food color and let it absorb the color just for a second or two.
  • Spritz the folded coffee filter with water or vinegar (or a combination of the two) until it is saturated and the yellow and red colors start to expand.
  • Allow the folded filter to partially dry, then open and let it dry completely.
  • Cut a circle for the center of the flower from brown felt, paper bag or any other material.
  • Attach two of the filters with a dot of glue between them. Rotate the flowers so that the petals do not completely overlap. Add the brown center to complete the flower.

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