Coffee Filter Leaves Activity

Easy autumn craft for kids.  Coffee Filter Leaves - Colorful Fall leaves is an easy and inexpensive classroom project for kids.

Celebrate the season with Colorful Coffee Filter Leaves.? Use this easy and inexpensive craft to go along with your lesson plans.? These leaves are great to decorate with: Thread clear fishing line through two ends of each leaf and create a fluttering fall leaf mobile. Decorate the Thanksgiving table with the leaves or use to create a pretty Fall bulletin board.? Use the free printable Fall Leaf Template for the leaf designs.


  • White coffee filters
  • Markers – all colors
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle with water or vinegar
  • Printable Fall Leaf Template


  • Have the children use different colors of markers to color on an open coffee filter. They can create a simple picture or color randomly.
  • Lay out newspaper on a clean work surface.
  • Place the coffee filter on the newspaper and spritz with water or vinegar (or a combination of the two) until it is saturated and the colors are running together.
  • Allow the coffee filter to dry completely.
  • Print out the Fall Leaf Template for each child.
  • Either cut of the 4 different leaf designs and trace onto the dry coffee filter, or place the uncut leaf template page behind the coffee filter and trace the leaves. You should be able to get around 6 leaves traced onto each coffee filter by moving the leaves around the filter.
  • Cut out the leaves and use them for Fall decorations around the classroom or at home.
  • TIP: Save the scraps to use on other projects that call for colorful tissue paper.

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