Candy Memory Game for Kids Activity

St. Patrick's Day games for kids using gold foil wrapped candy.  Gold coins, Rolos or other candy for this memory game for kids from #stpatricksday

Instead of just handing out gold foil wrapped candies this St. Patrick’s day, make it into a game that kids are familiar with. Candy memory game where children can use pre-colored dots, or use paper hole reinforcements and colored markers. By using the six colors of the rainbow (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) this can be used as the perfect St. Patrick’s Day game for kids.


  • White hole reinforcements – the kind used for school notebook paper
  • Rainbow colored markers
  • Gold foil wrapped candy (12)

Coloring in the dots for the Gold Candy Coin Memory Game.  More at


  • With each of the marker colors, have the children color in two of the hole reinforcements. They should only take a few minutes to dry.
  • Attach the colored dots to the back of the candies.
  • Play the Gold Candy Coin Memory Game where each child gets to keep their matches.

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