Autumn Falling Leaves Activity Activity

Celebrate Autumn with a colorful picture of falling leaves.  Use the tree printout then add colorful leaves - either by paint or tissue paper.  Directions at

Easy to create autumn scene of colorful, falling leaves. This craft is a great classroom project that younger children can do.

Print out the PDF for the tree and children can either use finger paints for the leaves or small scraps of tissue paper as seen in this example.

Attach the picture on a colorful matting to display in the classroom or to send home.


  • White printer paper
  • Craft glue
  • Colorful tissue paper in fall colors – orange, gold, brown
  • Brown crayons
  • Tree Printout


  1. Print out the Tree Printout on the white printer paper.
  2. Have children color the tree trunk and branches.
  3. Give each child a selection of the tissue paper and have them tear apart small sections for the leaves. The tissue can also be cut into small squares beforehand and given to the children.
  4. Put dots of glue around the base of the tree and throughout the branches.
  5. Attach small sections of the tissue to the spots of glue.


  • Instead of using tissue paper, children can dip their finger into fall colors of finger paint and dot the tree branches and base for ‘leaves.’
  • Also see: Indian Corn activity.

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